Best LEGO® Special Wagon Award

Best Special Wagon Model award - LEGO trains

The Best LEGO® Special Wagon Award is awarded to the best designed “special” wagon. These are wagons which do not necessarily fit in to the passenger or freight wagon categories, and may include:

  • Brake vans and cabooses, parcel vans and baggage cars
  • Snow ploughs
  • Maintenance of Way (MOW) vehicles
  • Other non-revenue generating wagons

The following criteria applies for this category:

  • This award category is for AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) aged 18 years or over
  • Models must be railway / railroad themed
  • Wagon models must run on standard LEGO® train track. This includes large radius curves and points / switches
  • This category is open to any single wagon design
  • Models must be physically built; you can enter digital models in the Best Digital Wagon category
  • Models and displays must be largely built in the past 24 months (as of the opening date of the awards)

Entries may be physical models or digital renders, and may make use of some third party elements including:

  • custom bearings and axles
  • custom wheel sets
  • custom printed elements

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