Best LEGO® Passenger Wagon Award

Brick Train Awards - best passenger wagon award

The Best LEGO® Passenger Wagon Award is awarded to the best designed and novel passenger wagon or carriage built from LEGO® bricks.

  • This award category is for AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) aged 18 years or over
  • Models must be railway / railroad themed
  • Wagon models must run on standard LEGO® train track. This includes large radius curves and points / switches
  • This category is open to any single wagon design suitable for passenger use
  • Models can be physically built or digital renders

This category is for entries including:

  • standard passenger cars
  • buffet and dining cars
  • observation cars

Entries may be physical models or digital renders, and may make use of some third party elements including:

  • custom bearings and axles
  • custom wheel sets
  • custom printed elements

Multiple units including DMUs, DEMUs, EMUs should be entered under the appropriate locomotive category.

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