8 Ton Porter 0-4-0 “Betsy” by Caleb Shields

Image of 8 Ton Porter 0-4-0 “Betsy” by Caleb Shields

Builder: Caleb Shields

About 8 Ton Porter 0-4-0 “Betsy” by Caleb Shields

Here is "Betsy" a locomotive from the game "Railroads Online" modeled on real world 8 ton porters.
This is one of my first major adventures into narrow gauge Lego railroading.
The model is based around using the Studly Trains IR system for movement, as per why there is a lack of interior and just "Dummy" versions of what would be the
receiver board and 3v battery inside the cab.
This absolute unit comes in at:
L: 14 Studs
W: 6 Studs
H: 10 Studs
A bit of a silly one, but "Betsy" was pretty legendary in the early days of "Railroads Online" before later updates nerfed her hard. (once was the most powerful loco)

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