Abandoned by Sérgio Batista

Image of Abandoned by Sérgio Batista

Builder: Sérgio Batista

About Abandoned by Sérgio Batista

I wanted to make an Abandoned Theme diorama/layout/Module
It was the first time that I used MILS, It consumes a lot of non-visible parts, but it allowed me to set up this 1x0,75 meters layout in less than 5 minutes.
I tried to make it as realistic as possible, it's based on some buildings/railways in my country Portugal.
I have no clue how many parts I use on this.

This Individual Display includes
- Abandoned Factory
- Abandoned Small House
- Ruined Building
- Abandoned Switch Track
- Abandoned Steam Locomotive
- Small Swamp
- Train Signals
- Catenary
- Terrain

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