Baureihe 57 or Prussian G10 Steam engine by Pieter Post

Image of Baureihe 57 or Prussian G10 Steam engine by Pieter Post

Builder: Pieter Post

About Baureihe 57 or Prussian G10 Steam engine by Pieter Post

Eleven hundred horse powers rolling by! The G10’s where build between 1910 and 1924. They sport the boiler of a P8 combined with the slightly amended valve gear of a T16 steam engine. The G10 was intended for heavy goods train duties on main lines, but as a result of its low axle load (15.3 t) it could be employed more flexibly than its equally powerful cousin, the Prussian G 8.1. The G10 was occasionally even used in passenger train service. Over 2600 copies were build.

After the First World War the Deutsche Reichsbahn took the engines over from the KPEV (Prussian State Railway) and renumbered them to Baureihe 57. I’ve depicted the 57-1427 build in 1914 by August Borsig in Berlin which started it’s career as the Oppeln 5467.

My LEGO model is powered by one Power Functions ‘L’ motor situated in the boiler and a Buwizz battery and remote control in the tender. It’s suited for 104 curves and upward.

I'm very happy with the new tender design made possible by the new thin HA Bricks medium train wheels. For now they are black prototypes but looking forward to swap them with the end product soon! Connected to the sand box I've used whips, an idea I saw first done by MartijnvdL. Custom coupling rods by Bricks-on-Rails.

I’ve build a little landscape depicting a ‘Trafohauschen’ or power house/ transformer house for low voltage, a bit of forest and the engine crossing a peaty drainage ditch.

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