Bavarian D XII steam engine with freight cars by Pieter Post

Image of Bavarian D XII steam engine with freight cars by Pieter Post

Builder: Pieter Post

About Bavarian D XII steam engine with freight cars by Pieter Post

The D XII steam engines were built by Krauss in Munich between 1897-1912 and in license by the Elsässischen Maschinenbau-Gesellschaft Grafenstaden (37 ex.). Combined 174 units were produced. Intended for the branch lines going in to the mountains most ended up in use on the main lines. Between 1900-1903 the Palatinate Railway procured 31 examples of the almost identical PT2.II as depicted by me. After WO I the remaining engines were incorporated into the Deutsche Reichsbahn fleet as DRG Class 73.0-1. The engine and cars are based on Marklin set 26535 Pfalzbahn-Güterzug.

I’ve started with a design for the water tanks and some brick build lining. After doing the tanks this way I had to apply the lining to the cab as well whilst maintaining enough space for the Circuit Cubes battery/receiver. The engine is powered by two Circuit Cubes motors. Geared up in combination with the BBB XXL wheels it give the loc a nice realistic speed and lots of pulling power. The MS resin printed flanged spoke wheels are from Breckland Bricks while HA Bricks was kind enough to provide the coupling rods and a prototype of his upcoming magnet holder. Next up came the two tank cars with a new up-side-down SNOTted chassis which I’m very happy about. After that I finished the set by building the boxcar. Al lot of time went in designing the decals for the full set.

Nex step was creating a -small- diorama to show the full consist. I started building the bridgeheads in brick with sandstone cornerstones. This bridge is an updated version of the one I build for my G12 diorama. At that moment I realized a bridge needs railway embankment and the project started getting out of hand parts-wise. I lost inspiration/courage for almost a year but yhis month I finally managed to finish it. There are a few nice details, grandpa with the scythe is motorized and he makes a sweeping move while the transport pipe next to the bridge crossing the river has a leak and is polluting field and river.

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