BR 56.20 by Joopatkleppie

Image of BR 56.20 by Joopatkleppie

Builder: Joopatkleppie

About BR 56.20 by Joopatkleppie

The BR 56.20 is a German steam locomotive for goods trains. The trains were retired in 1965. The main reason being that the locomotive was too light for main lines and too heavy for the side lines.

The main body of the model is 8 studs and 1 plate wide in order to get just a little more space to add details and slightly better proportions. It features space for the drivers and details in the drivers cab. An PU L-motor is located in the boiler, the hub is placed in the tender. The model features driving rods from Bricks on rails. All of the other parts used are genuine Lego parts. More images of this model and an older version can be seen on Flickr:

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