BR 94 by Ronald Vallenduuk

Image of BR 94 by Ronald Vallenduuk

Builder: Ronald Vallenduuk

About BR 94 by Ronald Vallenduuk

This is my model of a German Baureihe 94  Tank engine. Many BR94's were built and over the years they were modified in various ways. There are various shapes and sizes of the coal bunker for example. This model is not based on a specific BR94 unit, rather it's a mix of prototypes.
I set myself two challenges:
- Must be motorised with battery onboard
- Must have full cab interior
That meant very tight packaging. The PF L-motor had to fit inside the boiler. That means the boiler is a little too fat for scale but scale is variable on a Lego model anyway.
There was no room for a battery box so it's running on a rechargeable 9V battery. There was also no room for a PF IR receiver so control is done with a PFx Brick.
Third party components:
- PFx brick for control
- Brickstuff lights
- Trained Bricks rods
- DIY adapter cable from 9V battery to PF connector.
- Custom stickers

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