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About BR05-003 (1937) by Thomas / Ts__

BR05-003 (1937) German experimental steam locomotive


This steam locomotive was built in 1937 at Borsig, Berlin as an experimental locomotive after the construction of the fastest German steam locomotives BR05-001/002. With the fast steam locomotives with >175km/h the visibility from the driver was not very good and the BR05-003 should solve this problem.

In order to move the driver forward and not to separate the stoker from the driver, the locomotive was turned 180° with the boiler. So the firebox in front, boiler in the back. Coal dust served as fuel, which was pumped from the tender to the front of the firebox via a pipe system.

The locomotive itself is streamlined and was tested for 2 years and then returned to the manufacturer Borsig. The coal dust firing system had not proven successful and the locomotive was rebuilt in 1944 to normal stone hearth firing and boiler ahead.

The locomotive was scrapped in the 1950s.


The model was designed and built in September 2022.

approx. 1960 Lego parts, no trimmed or glued parts.
3x Lego PU Train-motor (as a traction drive, 2x locomotive, 1x tender)
1x Lego Boost Interactive Motor (Auxiliary drive to make the 6 wheels of the 3 main axes turn. Does not serve for propulsion)
3x Lego PU HUB (2x locomotive, 1x tender)
self made decals / self made lights

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