Breakdown Crane by Bernhard Schipper

Image of Breakdown Crane by Bernhard Schipper

Builder: Bernhard Schipper

About Breakdown Crane by Bernhard Schipper

This is a H0 scale breakdown crane based on the Multi Tasker series by german company Kirow-Ardelt. The aim was to build a fully working rail crane in H0 scale. The crane comes with complementary rail cars to setup a complete engineering train. Most important to complete the crane is the counterweight car that is playable and allows the attachment of the counterweights to the extendable counterweight of the crane. Everything is realized 4 wide and compatible to H0 scale dimensions. The crane is setup on the PIKO building brick chassis. To realize a working support to keep the crane in position and to avoid a fall over I had be creative and to go away from the original.

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