British Rail Class 14 by Bernhard Schipper

Image of British Rail Class 14 by Bernhard Schipper

Builder: Bernhard Schipper

About British Rail Class 14 by Bernhard Schipper

This is an interpretation of a British Rail Class 14 shunter. The British Rail Class 14 is a diesel hydraulic locomotive introduced 1964/65 with 56 total build under the number D9500-D9555. Building in H0 scale is pretty challenging cause of the maximum dimensions of 4 studs wide. I was looking to build a 0-6-0 diesel loco that uses the motorized Märklin building brick chassis to complete my engineering train. Usually the lights on UK locomotives are pretty tiny and impossible to build with Lego parts in H0 scale - so I decided to give them more expression since I always use shortened light saber bars for the lights on my rolling stock. I never use stickers but I love to use original printed Lego parts to give my models some sort of individual character.

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