Charlotteville by John Marshall

Image of Charlotteville by John Marshall

Builder: John Marshall

About Charlotteville by John Marshall

Charlotteville is a fictional town somewhere in southern France. It lies on the busy main line between Paris and Bordeaux, but the town isn't big enough for any important train to bother actually stopping there. Local services to the many regional villages and local freight keep the traffic varied. Stereotypical French shops on the street include a bakery, pharmacy and "tabac".

In reality Charlotteville sits on a mantelpiece and is slowly but surely extending around the room - the new sandstone bridge is sitting on an upright piano! The retaining wall actually hides a rolling-stock storage track, as does the embankment to the right of the bridge.

In the pictures, a Y7100 shunter repositions a container wagon while a Billard "draisine" (worker transport) trundles over the bridge with some scrap.

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