CP 2628 – Nez Cassé by Sérgio Batista

Image of CP 2628 – Nez Cassé by Sérgio Batista

Builder: Sérgio Batista

About CP 2628 – Nez Cassé by Sérgio Batista

At the beginning of BTW I submitted the digital version of this because I didn't know at that time If I Could build IRL until the due date.

well, it was possible :)

CP Comboios de Portugal recently gave a new color to the Nez Casse loco 2628, based on the former CP4700 from CP Carga (sold/turned to Medway)

I have to be honest, I still have mixed feelings about this new livery, the orange is an iconic and complete eye-catcher, and still my favorite.

However, making this one in LEGO started to grow on me.

the usual shout out to Raised and his NS1600/1800 and the Enhancements made by Erwin and Nicolas Tbx.

Circa 2000 parts
43cm long
2 Powerfunctions L motors
Buwizz 2.0
Custom working Lights

Custom Vynil stickers designed by Tiago Vasconcelos

Real life model: https://flic.kr/p/2oZZ8Xr

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