CP Arco by Sérgio Batista

Image of CP Arco by Sérgio Batista

Builder: Sérgio Batista

About CP Arco by Sérgio Batista

CP Comboios de Portugal recently bought some Arco coaches from the Spanish company Renfe, then they make a makeover and refurbished them, I like the color scheme, and the oblique red/blue parts were a great challenge to me, I try to make them without any stickers or decals.

These coaches are long, they have 26,4meter long, so the Lego version has 60cm long. (1:45 Scale)

I didn't build the interior, this coach already has 1kg.

I put some (non-lego) 3V LEDs on the taillights and bearings on the axles. They can run and take until R104 curves.

Picture of the real life https://www.radiovaledominho.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/carruageeeens.jpg

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