CP Miradouro by Sergio Batista

Image of CP Miradouro by Sergio Batista

Builder: Sergio Batista

About CP Miradouro by Sergio Batista

"MiraDouro" is composed of the 1400 series diesel locomotive(Sometimes 2 Locomotives) and Schindler+Sorefame Tourist carriages.

The Schindler carriages - produced in the 1940s by the Swiss manufacturer Schindler and put into service on the national railway network between 1949 and 1977 - have recently been restored and their panoramic windows can be opened during the journey. It runs daily between Oporto São Bento/Campanhã and Pocinho and back.

The Sorefame Carriage - From the 1960s the company specialised in the manufacture of stainless steel carriages, principally for the Portuguese Railways (CP). The stainless steel carriages were built at the company's factory in Amadora under licence from the Budd Company of the US

- 2 Locomotives CP1400 Series (one Blue, one Orange)
- 5 Carriages (3 2nd Class Schindler, 1 1st Class Shindler, 1 2nd Class Sorefame)
- Circa 14000parts
- 7KGs
- 3,6meters long
- motorized (2 lego train PF motors+Buwizz on Each Locomotive)
- Custom lights
- Custom Vynil Stickers
- full interior
- 8 months of working

The funny thing about the real-life train is the inconsistency of the rolling stock, it's almost impossible to see the same train twice, sometimes it's just two coaches, sometimes it has two locomotives, sometimes are fully colourful with several different coaches, sometimes are the same colors, etc

This Train was recognized by the Portuguese railway Company "CP -Comboios de Portugal" and they invited me to make this Video/Enterview with them https://youtu.be/5MFJnhtn5vM?si=uySUc1h4G8S0s3le

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