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The Real D. Luiz Locomotive (Series 1001) is a steam locomotive, distinguished for being the oldest in Portugal. Manufactured in 1862, it was taken down in service in 1921 and restored in 1956. It is on display at the National Railway Museum of Entroncamento.
It was built in 1862 at the Manchester factory of Beyer, Peacock and Company. He towed the royal train several times, offered to Queen D. Maria Pia on the occasion of her marriage to D. Luís I, in 1861.
With the fall of the Portuguese monarchy, in 1910, it started towing construction trains between Barreiro and Moita, having neglected its maintenance.
In 1921, when he was towing one of the works trains, with 3 carriages and a van, one of the tubes burst, causing a drop in pressure. It ended, thus, its regular services, having been leaned along with scrap iron, awaiting its destruction. However, on the occasion of the first centenary of the Portuguese railways, in 1956, it was completely restored.
In 1970, an inventory of the historical collection of the Companhia dos Caminhos de Ferro Portugueses was carried out, for the formation of a museum nucleus, and this locomotive was included, as the oldest in Portugal.
Between April and September 2010, this locomotive was present as part of the royal train at the Royal Class Regal Journeys exhibition at the Dutch Railway Museum in Utrecht.

In LEGO construction I used 2180 bricks, it has about 114 studs length x 18 studs wide and took about 5 months to complete, including the time spent searching and ordering LEGO bricks.

Miguel Rodrigues


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