DR Baureihe 52 8154-8 by Tilman D.

Image of DR Baureihe 52 8154-8 by Tilman D.

Builder: Tilman D.

About DR Baureihe 52 8154-8 by Tilman D.

This model of the german steam locomotive 52 8154-8 was built in 5 months, started in november 2022 and finished in april 2023. The real BR 52 8154-8 is stationed in Leipzig-Plagwitz and still in use for special trips. The model consists about 2000 LEGO-bricks, only the 3d-printed rods by bricksonrails and the lighting by iluminateyourbricks are special elements. I used a buwizz and a LEGO-XL-motor for the motorisation so it isn't that fast but can pull a lot. I tested the loco at BSBT 2023 and it runs great.

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