DRG EG 582 by Christoph Ellermann

Image of DRG EG 582 by Christoph Ellermann

Builder: Christoph Ellermann

About DRG EG 582 by Christoph Ellermann

This electric locomotive is the EG 582, which was delivered to the Deutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft in 1925. The heavy goods train locomotive is powered by two double traction motors, the transmission is done by Winterthur diagonal side-rod drive (Winterthurer Schrägstangenantrieb). Later it was classified as E91.8 by the Deutsche Bundesbahn.

The model shows the locomotive as it was delivered in 1925. The Winterthur diagonal side-rod drive is realized with custom rods, each jackshaft is powered by one motor. Different setups with PU or PF and various motors are possible, there is enough space inside. In this case the PoweredUP CityHub is used to power two geek servos. This enables the locomotive to drive powerful and slow by the PU Remote Control - Vmax = 55 km/h!

Selfmade decals were done with gold vinyl foil, plotted numbers out of black vinyl and printings on transparent vinyl foil.

See the EG 582 in action at BSBT 2023 in Schkeuditz:



The following video shows my other E91.8 (with PU Hub + two PU Boost interactive motors) working automatically via PU-App at Thomas‘ shunting yard:


Thanks to all the others at Schkeuditz letting me use their wagons and tracks. And thanks to Thomas, who wrote the program for his shunting yard and let the E91 participate.

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