ET&WNC Caboose 505 by Jonah Snyder

Image of ET&WNC Caboose 505 by Jonah Snyder

Builder: Jonah Snyder

About ET&WNC Caboose 505 by Jonah Snyder

If you can believe it, this was the very first caboose I ever designed. The real ET&WNC 505 is actually preserved and on static display in Newland, North Carolina, and the photos and videos of the car in it's "as-preserved" state proved to be an excellent resource when designing this car's interior and exterior, with historical photos allowing me to create the detail which sits on the car body. I think my favorite thing about this car is that I achieved a removable roof by making it removable in three sections, meaning that even the cupola roof can be removed for access to the interior.

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