German BR 01.10 by FLBRICKS by Christian Anders

Image of German BR 01.10 by FLBRICKS by Christian Anders

Builder: Christian Anders

About German BR 01.10 by FLBRICKS by Christian Anders

Hello Brick Train Awards team,

This is my MOC of a German series 01.10 tender locomotive in the scale 1:37.5.
The locomotive consists of approx. 2500 bricks and has 2 x PF L motors (in the boiler of the locomotive) as well as a PF Train motor in the tender. The lighting is provided by a Brickstuff light set with 4 separately switchable channels for 3 warm white headlights, 3 red tail lights, 6 warm white maintenance lights and warm white cabin lighting.
The MOC is ready to drive and can drive long curves as well as R120 curve radii. Smaller radii are not possible due to the size.
All lettering elements are printed, no stickers are used.
The construction time was a total of 7 months (over a longer period).

Non-LEGO Elements:
The MOC includes some non-LEGO elements. The connecting rods, tender ladders, wheels and crosshead were all 3D printed as I wanted to keep them as detailed as possible. For the lines on the boiler I used 2mm aluminum wire, because there weren't such thin lines from Lego. I hope this still meets the criteria. I also used red wire for the red lines. Last but not least I used rubber doorstops for the buffers and boiler decoration.

If you have any questions about my MOC, I look forward to hearing from you.

More photos of this MOC are available under
All the best

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