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This is my first ever locomotive model built, it has been an off and on project as i find motivation to work on and refine it for over a 2 years. So I hope that doesn't disqualify it. The model is a GP15-1 referenced from Prototype units in the local yard, online sources, as well as an Athearn Genesis model, for an up close and personal look at some details. Key features of this model include modernization like RCL beacons, AC, and an EPA slobber tank, something Ive not seen on many scale models, air hoses hanging below the couplers, and lastly a see through air intake grill for the fans just above it, accomplished with minifig hands clamping the plates, just like the prototypes, and the reason they're called baby tunnel motors. While the model is Yellow and grey, the plan was to use red pin-striping to complete the Union Pacific paint scheme. Powering the model was to be accomplished by a 3rd party radio control system, and a Tsunami 2 Decoder for sounds, to really bring the model to life. There may be some minor alignment issues caused be software between the grey and yellow section of the rear hood, but everything is built to fit to be on grid through that section, as its a 1/8th plate imperfection or so that the Collision detection doesn't catch. The model is also missing its MU hoses, which were planned to use wands on the mold tree, which are unavailable in Studio

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