Granite Rock Co. #10 by Henry Mack - @mackbrickslegomodels

Image of Granite Rock Co. #10 by Henry Mack - @mackbrickslegomodels

Builder: Henry Mack - @mackbrickslegomodels

About Granite Rock Co. #10 by Henry Mack - @mackbrickslegomodels

This is my 1:48 scale model of Granite Rock Co. #10, an S-100 switcher currently preserved and operational at the California State RR Museum. This model is powered by two opposed circuit cube motors (as well as independently controlled front and rear headlights, also from circuit cubes) geared to the drivers and can pull over 6 cars with ease due to its powerful motors, robust drivetrain, and small driving wheels. My model includes prototypical piping and detailing, brake and suspension detail, custom decals designed by myself and printed by ok brickworks, and custom rods and wheels designed and 3d printed by myself exclusively for this model. Enjoy!

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