HST 4 highspeed train by @verdens_skaper

Image of HST 4 highspeed train by @verdens_skaper

Builder: @verdens_skaper

About HST 4 highspeed train by @verdens_skaper

The HST 4 is a fictional highspeed train capable of speeds up to 400 km/h, although the maximal service speed is of 350 km/h. The livery is the same used by the swiss highspeed trains.
The train consists of 12 cars:
- 3x 1st class car: it has 26 seats (22 in the cab car), they're larger and more comfortable and offer better legroom.
- 7x 2nd class car: it has 28 seats and a lot of luggage storage space.
- 1x 2nd class special car: the other cab car has 16 2nd class seats, a family compartment with 4 seats and a bicycle storage area, that is can hold 6 to 8 bicycles.
- 1x accessible & dining car: this car can be divide into 4 parts: the accessible part with 4 priority seats that can be folded back to make place for wheelchairs, a
dining area with 6 seats, the bistro area with standing area and counter, the last part is the very large kitchen area, where meals can be freshly cooked.

This model is made of 24 754 parts and has a total of 302 seats (including dining area). It has a width of 9.2 studs and a total length of 789.5 cm. The name is HST 4 because it's the fourth highspeed train I've made.

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