IND R3 Motor Flat no. 41 by Matt Csenge

Image of IND R3 Motor Flat no. 41 by Matt Csenge

Builder: Matt Csenge

About IND R3 Motor Flat no. 41 by Matt Csenge

Drill motor 41 was one of two "motor flats" built in 1932 by the Magor Car Corporation for New York City's newly-constructed Independent Subway System (IND). They were built under contract R-3, which also included other maintenance equipment for the new railroad: flat cars, gondolas, a pump car, and a supply car.

The motor flats were of a very utilitarian design; essentially a flat car with traction motors - hence being "motor flats" - with a control cab and ballast boxes to provide weight over the powered truck for adhesion (each ballast box weighed 10,000 lbs).

Sister unit no. 42 was involved in an accident in 1948 and was ultimately scrapped in 1955. No. 41 remained in service until 1978, after which it went through a series of different owners all while remaining on NYCTA property. In 2021 she finally left home rails and is now in preservation at the Trolley Museum of New York in Kingston, NY.

My model is one that has been on my list for years, no. 41 being one of my favorite pieces of subway equipment! The complex design of the cab was always the issue as it's 8 studs by 5 studs by ~7.5 studs, but eventually I was able to figure it out with studs facing literally every direction! Thanks to the ingenuity of Rob at LifeLites, I was even able to power this model! It features 1 micro motor on the inner rear axle, with the control board and battery hidden nicely under the deck.

The next step is to make a trip to Kingston to photograph it with the real deal!

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