Indiana Harbor Belt U4a by Di_Bricks

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Builder: Di_Bricks

About Indiana Harbor Belt U4a by Di_Bricks

This model was inspired by the My Own Train line of 2001. I've made a 1:55 scale version of set 10205-1. I chose to base this off of an Indiana Harbor Belt U4a class 0-8-0 because of its iconic looks and performance. They were dubbed "Super Switchers", and they had 87,000lbs tractive effort with the booster fully cut in. They were even more powerful than the road's earlier Mikados!

My model is fully equipped with two L motors for power, geared 1:1 and controlled by the pFX brick. It rides on #8 drivers, with rods by TrainedBricks. Note the custom cam that drives the valve gear. The model has a full complement of lighting. Front and rear headlights, a cab light, and a pair of cylinder lights for running gear illumination. It is also sound equipped.

1,600ish parts.

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