Intercity locomotive by @verdens_skaper

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About Intercity locomotive by @verdens_skaper

This is an intercity locomotive, modidified to operate with diesel or via overhead catenaries. The diesel motor is a helicopter engine attached to an electric generator. Since the turbine isn't very economical nor adapted for this kind of use, the locomotive has a short range and is underpowered in diesel mode.
This locomotive has boggies designed for tilting trains, but can't tilt. The engine only pulls Talgo style passenger cars in a sandwich configuration, usually with the full electric engine model at the back. There is a rear cab in the loco, but it's only used for shunting and is rarely used, since the engine almost never is seperated from the consist. The maximal speed of the train is 205 km/h and 145 km/h, with the diesel mode.

The model is made of 1619 parts, has a full interior, it's 8 studs wide and has a length of 46.6 cm.

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