International Passenger Car (SS ABDd) by Ties

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Builder: Ties

About International Passenger Car (SS ABDd) by Ties

This SS ABDd is a combined first & second class passenger car with luggage compartment, built for use in international express trains. Passenger cars like these where used in varius international train services, this wagon in particular is modeled after a series that was used on the route from Vlissingen in The Netherlands to Berlin in Germany.

The LEGO model is built in roughly 1:45 scale, although I haven't been able to locate any technical drawings of the prototype, so some of the dimensions may be slightly off.
Apart from bearings, the model uses no custom parts or decals. The lining is all brick-built, and the roof of the model is removable to reveal a simple interior. The gangways at the end of the wagon are attached using a spring element, meaning that when the cars are coupled together in a train, the gangways can be toughing without the train derailing in curves and switches.

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