(Italian) FS Gruppo 740 by Malte Sommer

Image of (Italian) FS Gruppo 740 by Malte Sommer

Builder: Malte Sommer

About (Italian) FS Gruppo 740 by Malte Sommer

by Malte Sommer

Prior to their nationalization in 1905 the Italian railway company Rete Adriatica developed the Group 730 as a saturated steam locomotive. Like all compound locomotives this series was slow to start, which had a negative effect on frequent stops and short distances. A superheated steam variant, the group 740, was therefore developed for the Ferrovie delle Stato.

Various manufacturers built the locomotives of the series 740 in two batches: 203 locomotives were delivered from 1911 to 1915, and another 267 from 1919 to 1922. With 470 units, this is the most built steam locomotive of the Italian national railway. The first 294 locomotives received a three-axle tender, the later ones a larger four-axle one.

25 locomotives of the second construction lot were built by the German builder Henschel & Sohn as part of the reparations payments after the First World War for Italy. Henschel had previously been the main supplier for the Group 730 (the first 140 of 190 units).

The locomotive FS 740 452 was built by Henschel in 1922 under the construction number 19350. It still exists today and has been in Syracuse, Sicily, since 1980.

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