Kichigahara Station (吉ヶ原駅) by @Dratini1nj

Image of Kichigahara Station (吉ヶ原駅) by @Dratini1nj

Builder: @Dratini1nj

About Kichigahara Station (吉ヶ原駅) by @Dratini1nj

Kichigahara Station is a station in Okayama Prefecture, Japan. It was one of the major stations in Katakami Tetsudo. In 1931, the station opened, but was later abolished in 1991. However, the station is preserved in a park since it is registered as National Tangible Cultural Property by the government. Sometimes, the preserved trains run inside the station for exhibition, which makes it a popular place for tourists. The station currently has 2 platforms which are connected with a railroad crossing. The building is the iconic part of the station due to its sharp roof.
In my model, I tried my best to replicate the station. I used so many brackets to shift parts on the wall by 0.5 plate, but I think it was worth it. The windows were the most difficult part of this build because I had to make window frames, but I finally succeeded in connecting all the parts of the build. The red and tan colored train was one of the DMUs that was actually operated in the railroad, and the other one is HoHaHu 3000 which I submitted earlier, also an important train in the railroad. I also built interior but unfortunately it is not visible from the outside. I still built a bathroom that I actually used when I visited the station this summer. In outside, there is a Japanese style railroad crossing and some vegetations.

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