LDNT coaches by @Verdens_skaper

Image of LDNT coaches by @Verdens_skaper

Builder: @Verdens_skaper

About LDNT coaches by @Verdens_skaper

The LDNT is a fictional long distance train I’ve made, inspired by Amtrak’s Super-liner and the finish’s night trains. The coaches were made be the largest possible and still fit into the loading gauge I use, therefore the the bottom part being thinner. Unfortunately the top is too large to fit in some older tunnels, meaning the train can only ride on specific routes. Since it’s kind of a night train, it has the dark blue and dark Azure livery.
The coaches can be divided into four types: (from top to bottom)

- Coach: It’s the cheapest and least comfortable class, it has 72 normal seats (21 bottom, 51 top) and 4 seats in the phone/socialising area
(blue seats). There are two WC, one of them can be used as a shower.
- Couchette: the couchettes are more comfortable for a higher fare, the compartments can be divided into two categories: compact and large.
The four large compartments are on the bottom floor, they have two beds and a bigger footprint, the compact ones are on the top and have
four beds except for the small compartment, that only has two of them, making a total of 34 beds per coach The WC and the 4 seats, are in
this coach too.
- Dining car: the dining car is by far the most recognisable and unique coach. It’s often called the gallery car, because of its gigantic windows,
that offer the passenger a beautiful view to the outside. The bottom floor is the kitchen, were the food is stored, prepared and cooked, there
are panels that can be opened to easily bring in the supplies and an elevator, to access the top floor. (From left to right) On the upper deck,
there is a counter, that can act as bistro and reception for the restaurant, then there’s the lift. The center of the carriage, where the big
windows are, is the restaurant part. It has 31 seat around 11 tables. At the end of the carriage, there are two vending machines.
- Sleeping/crew car: this coach is a bit different, by it’s layout, the bottom part is like the couchette one, but reserved for the crew and the top
deck has three very large compartments, with an en-suite shower and WC. Those compartments only have two beds. There is a sofa in the
corridor, that replace the four seats as well as a special area were the central electronic control system is placed.

Each coach is made of around 1600 pieces, is 10 studs wide and cm long

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