LGB X Lego Trains by Brick Trek

Image of LGB X Lego Trains by Brick Trek

Builder: Brick Trek

About LGB X Lego Trains by Brick Trek

Lehmann Gross Bahn, or LGB makes G-scale model trains. I have been making Lego L-scale models of some of their models. This train is a collection of all the Lego X LGB models I have made so far. [I did not include my Lego Model of LGB's powered tender, because I felt it is too closely based on Lego's Disney Train powered tender to be fairly considered for this contest]

Here are my YouTube videos showing how each of these models are made:

LGB Stainz Locomotive

LGB Passenger Cars

LGB Crane Car

LGB Track Carrying Cars

[LGB Tender, not entered in this contest but included here if you’re curious to see it]

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