M10005 “City of Denver” (A&B unit) by Hans Thienpont aka Barduck

Image of M10005 “City of Denver” (A&B unit) by Hans Thienpont aka Barduck

Builder: Hans Thienpont aka Barduck

About M10005 “City of Denver” (A&B unit) by Hans Thienpont aka Barduck

Union Pacific M-10005 ran from 1936 till 1939 under this callsign from Chicago to Denver (hence why she's also called City of Denver), in 1939 it was renamed to CD05 until 1953 when it was replaced by a E8 unit and scrapped. The model has 2251 parts, no 3D printed parts are used. She has been designed over the course of 3 years because I couldn't find a decent solution for the nose and windshield until then. The A and B unit are not connected with a magnet but with a spring-loaded mechanism that pulls the B-unit closer to the A-unit when on a straight path. Because of that mechanism she's only capable of taking r104 curves (but with some minor changes she could take r88). Both units are powered with a PU battery and 2 PU train motors. I've tried to do the prototype as much justice as I possibly could which wasn't easy as there were not many decent pictures of this train to be found on the internet and I had to buy a book just to get pictures and measurements. other then the pictures I also have a video of her pulling 2 of her coaches (out of 10 from her consist, all planned and designed): https://www.flickr.com/photos/91060327@N07/52033495601/in/dateposted-public/

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