Malayan Railway 20 Class by Farouq

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Builder: Farouq

About Malayan Railway 20 Class by Farouq

My entry for the Brick Train Awards 2022 under the 'Best Other Locomotive'.

Brick Train Award - Malayan Railway 20 Class Video:

Background: The Malayan Railway 20 Class is the first main line diesel-electric locomotive which made its debut in Malaya in 1957. A total of twenty-six locomotives were manufactured by English Electric Co at Vulcan Foundry, United Kingdom. In its roughly thirty years of service, the 20 Class hauled both the passenger express and freight between Singapore and Malaysia. All twenty-six 20 Class locomotives were named after flowers. The last 20 Class was decommissioned in the early 1990s.

The LEGO Malayan Railway 20 Class locomotive (20101 - Bunga Raya) is my most favourite MOC thus far. I am especially proud of how the model turned out. From trying to perfect the bulldog nose with the new LEGO Curved Corner pieces in Dark Red to the incorporation of LED lights and accurate engine sounds to the application of intricate decals that I've designed.

The LEGO MR 20 Class model is controlled by a PFx Brick, powered by 1x PF L-motor, fitted with LED lights (2x main headlights and 4x marker lights) and accurate engine sound profile (EE12SVT). Just like the real narrow gauge locomotive, the model runs on TrixBrix Narrow Gauge Tracks (4-studs wide).

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