McCloud River Railroad #25 by Henry Mack - @mackbrickslegomodels

Image of McCloud River Railroad #25 by Henry Mack - @mackbrickslegomodels

Builder: Henry Mack - @mackbrickslegomodels

About McCloud River Railroad #25 by Henry Mack - @mackbrickslegomodels

This is a 1:48 scale Lego model of McCloud River Railroad #25. This locomotive currently operates at the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad, and I have modeled it in it's current state. This model is powered by a power functions M motor geared to the drivers, which, along with the rods, were custom designed and 3d printed by myself for this model exclusively. This model also features prototypical decal artwork, which I created myself from images of #25. Around the model you will find plenty of prototypical piping detail, a full cab interior, tools also found on the prototype, and more. Enjoy!

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