Medway 1903 – Eva by Sérgio Batista

Image of Medway 1903 – Eva by Sérgio Batista

Builder: Sérgio Batista

About Medway 1903 – Eva by Sérgio Batista

The 1900 Class locomotives of Portuguese Railways are diesel-electric locomotives built in 1981 for freight duties. The locomotives were built by Sorefame under license from the French company Alsthom and are visually similar to SNCF Class CC 72000.

Originally they were orange/brown with white stripes, however since Medway bought CP Carga, they painted just one model, 1903 with a brand new yellow/black color scheme, I still prefer the orange ones, but the Yellow is unique, and there is only one locomotive with its color and stands out over the almost complete black color scheme that Medway Iberia painted almost all others locomotives.

Medway Gives Women names to the Locomotives, this one was baptized "Eva" (Eve from Adam and Eve)

This locomotive has 2 Train Power functions motor + 3rd party Bluetooth batterie compatible with PF since the original has CoCo (triple axle) bogies, I did a 3rd blind wheel under the wheels greebleings.

It's a 1:45 Scale, almost 2000 parts, even its length/size it can run on R40 curves and switches.

I build this Locomotive on purpose for the Brick train Awards,

I would like to shout out to Raised, Nicolas TBX, and UrbanErvvin, they are massive inspiration to my work, and I know they are Nez Cassé Lovers like me!

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