MNS bay window caboose by zephyr1934

Image of MNS bay window caboose by zephyr1934

Builder: zephyr1934

About MNS bay window caboose by zephyr1934

MNS was a spunky shortline with a long history and a large fan club for a railroad with just over 80 miles of right of way. With a brand new fleet of 9 covered hopper cars and an MNS SD39 to pull them, I needed a matching caboose to end the train with. The MNS purchased 3 new bay window cabooses in 1972 and these served until the MNS was purchased by Soo Line in 1982, since then, one has returned to the shortline (Progressive Rail) that now operates a portion of the old MNS route.

The caboose is 6 wide (8 at the bays), featuring custom decals, roller bearing trucks to match the hopper cars, to ensure the trucks match the width of the car they use custom truck sides from

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