New York Central R-2 Electric Locomotive by Matt Csenge

Image of New York Central R-2 Electric Locomotive by Matt Csenge

Builder: Matt Csenge

About New York Central R-2 Electric Locomotive by Matt Csenge

The New York Central R-Motor class of freight locomotives was a fleet of 42 boxcab electric locomotives built in 1930-1931. These locomotives were developed in response to the Kaufman Act, which banned steam locomotives throughout New York City and were used exclusively for the railroad's electrified zone, including the Hudson Line (south of Croton-Harmon), the West Side Line, and the Harlem Division.

Unlike most other electric boxcabs, these were powered by DC third rail only. As with all other locomotives designed to run off third rail, these included small DC pantographs on the roof for using overhead third rails in areas with complex trackwork. They were also some of the first locomotives to utilize the C-C wheel arrangement now commonplace, although they did it with 44' drivers.

Later in life, some of these units were sent to the Detroit River Tunnel to supplement their aging steeplecab electrics, and others were sold to the Chicago, South Shore & South Bend for freight service in the midwest.

The model includes a few Brickarms monopods and U-clips.

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