NSWGR class 41 4102 by Ewout Rohling

Image of NSWGR class 41 4102 by Ewout Rohling

Builder: Ewout Rohling

About NSWGR class 41 4102 by Ewout Rohling

Built by British Thomson-Houston between 1953 and 1955, the 41 class were designed for mixed traffic use around New South Wales. Only 10 were built, and were widely regarded as truly terrible machines, prone to constant malfunctions and engine fires. Despite numerous attempts to improve the design, it was found to be more cost effective to build more of other classes to replace them, and they started to be withdrawn as early as 1961 (with one already condemned in 1957 following a catastrophic fire). None were in service by 1975. One member of the class, 4102, has survived as part of the NSW State heritage collection.

This model represents 4102 as she would have been delivered. It is motorised using two Powered Up train motors. The battery box is hidden partially in the cab and leading-end bonnet.

Why build a model of such a short-lived, abject failure of the locomotive? Why not! It's got a neat livery and looks quite unlike anything else in the fleet. 4102, having spent most of its preservation life in private storage, is often forgotten about, and a model like this is a nice reminder that such a bizarre locomotive did indeed exist.

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