NSWGR class Z17 1709 by Ewout Rohling

Image of NSWGR class Z17 1709 by Ewout Rohling

Builder: Ewout Rohling

About NSWGR class Z17 1709 by Ewout Rohling

First appearing in 1886, the class Z17 was intended for express passenger duties from Sydney to Lithgow over the arduous Blue Mountains. Unfortunately, these elegant machines just didn't have the grunt compared to the contemporary Baldwin imports, so quickly found themselves on lesser duties. Most were scrapped by the 1950s, with only 1709 making it into preservation.

The model is based on the loco's as-preserved condition, including the dubiously authentic but very striking crimson livery. The only major difference is the tender, which in a sort of historical correction is based on its original tender, and not the inaccurate model it currently uses.

The loco is fitted with a Circuit Cube in the cab which powers the rear driving axle. The lead drivers are blind, with the loco running on the rear drivers and the trailing axle of the lead bogie (effectively making it a 2-2-2-2 rather than a 4-4-0). This allows for the splashers to be much closer to the wheel, and avoids the lead bogie fouling on the cylinders and slide bars. The coupling rods are static.

Decals, including the intricate NSWR crest, were designed by me and commissioned from Alex McCooke.

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