Pennsylvania Railroad Trail Blazer by LewisDeinarcho

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Builder: LewisDeinarcho

About Pennsylvania Railroad Trail Blazer by LewisDeinarcho

This is a 1:38 model of the Trail Blazer, an all-coach express that ran from New York to Chicago with 18 stops in 7 states. It was the Pennsylvania Railroad's longest and heaviest passenger train during the 1940s.

The locomotive pulling the train is the PRR S1 #6100, AKA "The Big Engine", a unique streamlined Duplex-drive steam locomotive. This was largest rigid-frame and largest passenger locomotive ever built, and possibly one of the fastest steam locomotives in regular service. Only one ever existed, and although its running range was limited by its great length and rigid wheelbase, it was well-liked by crews for its speed, smooth riding, and high steaming capacity.

In its original configuration, the Trail Blazer consisted of 14 cars: a PB70ER baggage-lounge car, a combined D70CR dining car and D70DR kitchen-dormitory car pair, nine identical P70KR coaches with reclining seats, a P70GSR coach with more seating room, and a POC70R observation-lounge car.

All vehicles have been built as closely to real PRR equipment diagrams as possible, including detailed, furnished interiors for the engine cab and all coaches.

Power Systems: 1 Light + 4 XL Motors + 2 PU Hubs in engine, 2 XL Motors in tender
Minimum Curve: R40 when equipped with longer couplers
Lengths: 80 studs (engine), 59.5 studs (tender), 142 studs (engine + tender), 81 studs (all passenger cars), 1288 studs (whole train with short couplers)
Widths: 10 studs (most of train), 11 studs (firebox, cab, and handlebars)
Heights: 16.6 studs (engine and tender), 14 studs (all passenger cars)
Third-Party Parts: Big Ben Bricks Wheels, custom driving wheels I designed myself, stickers for some of the engine pinstriping

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