Pere Marquette 1237 by Devin Seidorf

Image of Pere Marquette 1237 by Devin Seidorf

Builder: Devin Seidorf

About Pere Marquette 1237 by Devin Seidorf

The Pere Marquette 1237 is an American class N-2 Berkshire locomotive with a 2-8-4 wheel configuration built by Lima Locomotive Works in 1944. The PM 1237 kept it's number during the 1947 merger with C&O Railroad and operated until 1958 but was later scraped in 1961.

My Model is 10 studs wide, 110 studs long (with tender), and 15 bricks tall. All parts are genuine Lego parts except for XXL wheels which are from Big Ben Bricks. This model is powered by 2 Power Functions large motors and battery box that also supplies power to front light and fire box (Power Functions components are housed in coal tender). Working Model on standard Lego track gauge and runs best with R104 curves.

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