PESA GAMA 111Ed RCP with stand by Michał Duda (

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Builder: Michał Duda (

About PESA GAMA 111Ed RCP with stand by Michał Duda (

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The model consists of two parts - a locomotive (1288 bricks) and a "base" with a landscape model (3124 bricks).

The locomotive is fully functional with LEGO trains - it fits standard LEGO tracks and has magnetic connectors to which the cars can be attached.

It is worth noting the detailed paint job by RCP - it was made by printing on large panels, it looks fantastic doesn't it? The locomotive has opening cabins (and you can sit there two railwayman figures included with the model) and moves freely on the tracks. On the roof there are two folding semaphores (we discovered a good patent for attachment - using a block hammer 😉 ).

Pay attention to the locomotive chassis - how many unusually used elements can you spot? We'll give you a hint: there are cameras, walkie-talkies, megaphones...and many other accessories imitating the complex machinery of a real locomotive!

First of all, the mock-up depicts a huge railroad embankment - thanks to its internal structure, the mock-up has also been given great rigidity and "armoredness" - you can easily hold it, for example, only by one end! This is due to the solid skeleton inside - invisible without dismantling the embankment.

Among other things, there is a fast-flowing stream on the locomotive's route - fortunately, you can cross it thanks to an old brick bridge (or by jumping over stones on foot!). Pay attention to the effect of the depth of the water and look for your favorite details (will it be a frog? lilies? or maybe a rat?).
Next to the stream, apple trees have found a place for themselves, on some of the fruits are still unripe and green, but you will also find red apples without any trouble. On the other side of the embankment, on the other hand, the beginning is a spruce forest. In it you will easily find mushrooms, ferns owl monitoring the area.

On the layout you will also find a section of a field with grain ready to be cut (made of lego technic connectors) - probably because a good old scarecrow protected the crops from the numerous birds (look for them on the trees!)!

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