PKP Uacs, type 408S “powder bowl” by Maciej Drwiega

Image of PKP Uacs, type 408S “powder bowl” by Maciej Drwiega

Builder: Maciej Drwiega

About PKP Uacs, type 408S “powder bowl” by Maciej Drwiega

Yet another thing I have always wanted to build with LEGO bricks.

Silo waggon, mainly used for cement or any other loose material. PKP Uas / Uacs, here I think the most popular type 408S. The common name for them in Polish is “pudernica” – powder bowl.

For some time I had an idea of using 60-something degree slopes, since corners for them appeared.
When I ordered bricks to try to put this thing together, I quickly realised it’s not so easy, the proportions were lost, the overall height was way too big, and the approach overall was a dead end.
Then cheese slopes came to my mind, but it was just the start of the troubles. The silos I imagined would be OK - were not.
So, within one evening entire idea got lost and I started from scratch.
The biggest challenge was the shape of the silo. Specifically, the slope around 45 degrees on the bottom and somewhere between 30 and 40 degrees on the top. After several attempts I ended up with the shape you can see here.

Thinking this is the end I spent some time trying to find a suitable, lightweight solution for the decks on the top.
The only suitable and completely not reasonable from cost perspective were old LEGO train masts. So here they are.

Quite satisfied with the result I realised one more thing.
One waggon, or even two – it’s not enough. So, I built four knowing, that at least six or even better eight are necessary. As of today, 4 are finished and 4 are in production.

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