Rebuilt PRR PS21B “Inn Series” Coach by Nick Dombi

Image of Rebuilt PRR PS21B “Inn Series” Coach by Nick Dombi

Builder: Nick Dombi

About Rebuilt PRR PS21B “Inn Series” Coach by Nick Dombi

The Pennsylvania Railroad ordered 21-section Roomette Sleepers in 1949 from the Budd Company to be used system wide. In the lead up to 1964 New York World's fair, these cars were rebuilt as traditional coaches and passed onto Penn Central before being sold onto SEMTA and MARC. Several examples have found their way into preservation around the United States, and no less than 11 inspired me to design this build.

This particular model was designed by scaling Pennsylvania Railroad diagrams and comparing several reference photos and personal inspections of preserved examples. This plain silver look is meant to represent the Franklin Inn and Collinsville Inn, in their current appearance owned by the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society. A unique challenge is that nearly all of the underframe arrangements differ from coach to coach, and this particular detail is the most "generalized" appearance of the fleet. The interior is the correct layout and colors, with the right amount of seats as well. A unique challenge was nailing down the roof curvature and the slight protrusion of the stainless steel above and below the window area. Sitting at almost 2,200 pieces, this uses BMR Roller bearings and Knuckle couplers, but could be made 100% "kosher" lego parts.

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