Renfe 440 by Imanol

Image of Renfe 440 by Imanol

Builder: Imanol

About Renfe 440 by Imanol

Renfe 440 unrefurbished represented in two versions:

Both units date from the 70s and were in service until 2009

The first one (blue and yellow) is Renfe 440.096M and 440.152C built by CAF in 1978. The top speed is 140 km/h. Initially destined to do Commuter trains it finished it´s career serving Regional services before being retired to the Workshops in Valladolid in 2008. In 2009 it was recovered and restored by Renfe for an event. After this it was preserved by the AAFM and was used in tourist trains. Nowadays is out of service waiting a revision.

The other one (White and orange) is Renfe 440.078 built by CAF and MACOSA in 1976. The pilot car comes from the 440.501. This unit is also preserved by AAFM although is awaiting for restoration. Here it´s represented in it´s current state as it was when it was retired from service. This unit baggage door survive during all it´s service life and refurbishments.

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