Rhaetian Railway Ge 4/4 II 618 Bergün by Ursin471

Image of Rhaetian Railway Ge 4/4 II 618 Bergün by Ursin471

Builder: Ursin471

About Rhaetian Railway Ge 4/4 II 618 Bergün by Ursin471

This is the model of my favorite Rhaetian Railway narrow gauge locomotive, the Ge 4/4 II in red/grey color scheme, and the name and flag of the beautiful town Bergün.
The model is exactly built in scale 1:42. It's not an official scale, but I can build the loco in 8 wide, and the major dimensions fits the LEGO grid very well. It is made with totally 1012 bricks, 8x M-wheels from BigBenBricks are used and 1x accu from BuWizz. The model is running on LEGO narrow gauge tracks (Trixbrix) and R72 curves are possible.
The drivetrain is made with a PF L-motor and spur gears to the distribution axle. With bevel gears the power goes through the rotation axle of the bogies and to all wheels.
Each bogie can swing +/-10°.
One major challenge of this model was to bring the whole drivetrain, motor and accu inside the housing, and get all wheels driven with a robust soution.
The front design is tapered from top, and sloped from the side. The 2 front-halves are mounted with clips on handles.
Advanced building techniques:
For the front plow and another slope, I used rigid hoses 3mm combined with pneumatic hoses, cutted to 3mm, to hold bricks together bottom to bottom.

Enjoy my model!
More fotos and one video on my flickr account: https://www.flickr.com/photos/156261280@N02/52148910223/in/album-72157714921075312/

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