RhB Ge 2/4 222 by dolfmeister

Image of RhB Ge 2/4 222 by dolfmeister

Builder: dolfmeister

About RhB Ge 2/4 222 by dolfmeister

Ge 2/4 222 is one of seven locomotives delivered to the Rhätische Bahn (RhB) in 1913. The original design was not particularly successful, as AC traction technology was very much in its infancy at the time. A large repulsion motor was connected by jack shafts to a crank, and from there to the driving wheels by connecting rods.

In 1946, No. 204 was rebuilt with a new motor geared to the existing crank shaft. An electric brake was also installed with resistor banks taking the place of one of the pantographs on the roof. It was returned to service as No. 222, and is today in active preservation as part of the RhB Historic fleet.

No. 203 received the same refit the year before, and renumbered 221. It was withdrawn from servie in 1998, and scrapped.

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