RhB WR 3813 -3814 Restaurant Car by dolfmeister

Image of RhB WR 3813 -3814 Restaurant Car by dolfmeister

Builder: dolfmeister

About RhB WR 3813 -3814 Restaurant Car by dolfmeister

Rhätische Bahn WR 3813 - 3814 were originally constructed for the then independent Bernina Railway, as dining room cars. The kitchens and bars were located in an adjacent special coach, which would be left in a siding at the Swiss - Italian border.

During WW2, the two coaches, owned by the German dining - and sleeping company MITROPA, were taken to Berlin, and fitted with on-board kitchens. Upon their return, they were put in service on the entire RhB network, most notably in the Glacier Express.

One of the two has survived into preservation, in the form of piano bar car WRs 3820.

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