Skoda Varsovia by Mateusz Wawrowski

Image of Skoda Varsovia by Mateusz Wawrowski

Builder: Mateusz Wawrowski

About Skoda Varsovia by Mateusz Wawrowski

Constructor Szymon and his Varsovia!

Together with my son, I used nearly 10,000 LEGO bricks to build the Skoda Varsovia Warsaw Metro train, measuring over 3 meters! You can see the entire train consisting of 6 cars only here, for logistical reasons the train has been divided into two parts and packed in plexiglass display cases! I personally took the models to the Prague branch of the Skoda Group

Three Skoda Varsovia metro cars made of LEGO bricks were presented at the Innotrans Fair in Berlin. Of course, you will find them at the Skoda stand 😀 I recommend you check them out if you are at the Innotrans Fair.

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