SNCF CC-6568 “Béton” by jmchisel

Image of SNCF CC-6568 “Béton” by jmchisel

Builder: jmchisel

About SNCF CC-6568 “Béton” by jmchisel

After the successful introduction of the powerful CC-6500 locomotives on prestigious passenger routes, more examples were pressed into service on more mundane tasks around the French rail network. For this role, they were not given the flashy "TEE" paint scheme, instead receiving a relatively drab grey coat with only a single orange line that evoked their TEE siblings. They quickly gained the nickname "Béton" (concrete) and some drivers even refused to drive them! CC-6568 as modelled here was the only example to spend its whole life in the "Béton" colours - most of the others being repainted in "SNCF FRET" green at some point.

Just as in the prototype, this model features dual "monomotor" powered bogies. As seen in the cutaway photo, they are two Powered Up "L" motors which are controlled by a custom dashboard within the LEGO Powered Up app, that features a "simulated-inertia" mode to make the loco's movements more realistic when not hauling a train.

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